GF Gran Costa Adeje strives for service without plastics

  • The hotel establishment incorporates butter, jam and honey dispensers in the buffet service
  • With this action, more than 400,000 plastic containers are reduced per year
  • The objective of GF Hotels is to reduce 14 tons of plastic, which is equivalent to 50 tons of CO2

GF Gran Costa Adeje continues its commitment to offer service without plastics and incorporates dispensers for butter, jam and honey in the buffet service. An action that is part of the Strategic Sustainability Plan of GF Hotels, and which reaffirms its commitment to reduce 100% of single-use plastic objects by 2020.

With this measure, the hotel chain deepens its sustainable commitment and takes another step by eliminating more than 400,000 plastic containers each year. In addition, it aims to achieve actions and strategies designed to also include the chain’s partners, customers and suppliers.

GF Hotels aims to reduce a total of 14 tons of plastics, which is equivalent to 50 tons of C02, thus contributing to efforts to reduce its impact on our ecosystem. The chain has gradually replaced the consumption of plastic bottles with aluminium bottles for guests and employees; straws are made from a recyclable, compostable material and the cutlery is made of a material derived from corn.