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Four personalised treatments to improve your well-being

This year, more than ever, with the changes we’re experiencing, we all have to think about our own well-being. Taking care of your body, mind and soul is one of the pillars of a healthy life. This is why Bio-Spa Victoria offers an assessment and specific treatments for each person, always adapted to your needs and combining different manual techniques.

On your arrival at Bio-Spa, we discuss your lifestyle and analyse your needs together. Today, we propose 4 personalised treatments to improve your well-being, which you can enjoy in the best spa in the world.

Once in the cabin, we use a mixture of essential oils and 100% natural ingredients to administer your personalised treatment ‘dreaming’, ‘moving’, ‘digestion’ and ‘breathing’.

Tratamiento personalizado 'Soñar' en Bio-Spa Victoria.


The benefits of this relaxing massage are to improve well-being, rest, relaxation and the balance of the body. It consists of lowering the person’s sensory stimuli to cause a the release of tension in the entire person: body, mind and soul.

For optimal results, we use a relaxing body phyto-fluid that treats stress and nervous tension, as well as hydrating and calming the most sensitive skin. It’s also useful for people with insomnia and calms muscular tension.

Tratamientos personalizados Bio-Spa Victoria


This relaxing massage improves your physical well-being by combining different manual techniques. By moving the body, the imbalance is located and worked on to cause the optimal counter-balancing of the whole. As a consequence, this will be preventive and beneficial for physical discomfort.

With Calm, a relaxing and anti-inflammatory massage oil, muscle contractions are eliminated and joints become more elastic and mobile. The essential oils it contains activate microcirculation, facilitating tissue oxygenation and elimination of toxins.

Tratamientos personalizados Bio-Spa Victoria. Digestión.


If you have a digestive disorder, Bio-Spa Victoria can perform delicate visceral work with specific manoeuvres. This treatment releases abdominal tension and the movement of our body flows in a positive and beneficial way. In addition, in many cases, there is an immediate visible reduction in inflammation.

This treatment is complemented by our BIO-SPA Energy synergy with rich activating essential oils and foot reflexology to stimulate the functions of your body.

Tratamiento personalizado 'Respirar' en Bio-Spa Victoria.


Stress, anxiety and fatigue have a negative impact on our well-being and quality of life. This treatment produces an improvement in your general well-being by combining different manual and breathing techniques that cause the release of chest pressure.

To achieve optimal results, we work with Aroms Respir, an aromatic synergy that acts on the upper and lower respiratory tract. This has a respiratory decongestant, antiseptic, mucolytic, expectorant and activating effect on the body’s defences.

Bio-Spa Victoria is a new concept that fits into GF Victoria’s commitment to sustainability. It was awarded by the World Luxury Spa Awards 2019 as one of the best luxury spas in the world and the best environmentally friendly spa in Europe. If you’re visiting Tenerife, we recommend you to take advantage of personalised treatments with organic, natural and local products at an unrivalled spa which is a sanctuary of sensations, relaxation and health.

This year we would again love to be voted ‘Best Luxury Eco Spa’ and ‘Best Spa Team’. Can we do it together? You can help us by voting here .