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Bio-Spa Flotation, the new holistic option to release everyday stress

Bio-Spa Victoria, the best spa in the world and the best ecological spa in Europe, presents a differentiated offer with personalized ecological treatments

Abraham Portocarrero, Director of Bio-Spa, defines this session as a treatment for the body, mind and soul, according to the client’s needs

Stretches, boyancy techniques, breathing and facial stimulation, all form part of this new session at Bio-Spa Victoria

Bio-Spa Victoria, a wellness centre located at the GF Victoria hotel in Costa Adeje, offers a deep state of relaxation through Bio-Spa Flotation, the new holistic option to release everyday stress. The Best Spa in the World and Best Ecological Spa in Europe, present this water treatment, combining different stretches and boyancy techniques, breathing and facial stimulation.

The technique for this new holistic treatment is to let the body float for thirty minutes to achieve a maximum state of physical and psychic relaxation. During the session, a deep sense of well-being and “a level of relaxation and connection with the body, mind and soul in the aquatic environment” is generated, highlights Abraham Portocarrero, Director of Bio-Spa.

The activity takes place outdoors through conscious breathing, tension balance and offers a deep sense of well-being combined with the harmonic movement of the body. Bio-Spa Flotation follows the line of personalized holistic treatments “that begins in the cabin and ends in the pool,” adds Portocarrero.

Likewise, the Victoria Bio-Spa team offers the possibility of enjoying different treatments according to the client’s needs. It presents differentiated proposals on a new menu with 5 personalized holistic treatments that are divided into: Dreaming, Moving, Digestion, Natural Facial Beauty and Natural Body Beauty. In turn, these treatments fall into 4 categories: basic, platinum, gold and premium.

The Best Spa in the World is in Tenerife

Bio-Spa Victoria received the World Luxury Spa Awards as Best Spa in the World and Best Eco Spa in Europe during the awards ceremony held at the official hotel of the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. This new space is distinguished by its personalized treatments with ecological and natural products; a concept that is in line with the sustainable management policy of the GF Victoria hotel, which has achieved one of the highest distinctions in the sector.