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Nature has given the Island of Tenerife in this part of the Tropic of Cancer, the gift of warm weather every day of the year, clean air that smells of ocean and a pampered, protected landscape so that we can enjoy it and admire it in its original state.

All of that classifies GF Hoteles as a sure bet for your SUN and BEACH HOLIDAYS blended with NATURE. Ideal for your rest days with the family and with your partner, for all those business people and professionals who know that they achieve more combining peace and beauty with their business.

Its two modern, international airports make the journey to our Paradise Island very easy and quick. In Tenerife you will be able to enjoy the many different landscapes, like the impressive Teide National Park . Its sea beds, its coves, its rugged coastline and its golden beaches make Tenerife the most attractive island.

Tenerife has two exceptional enclaves that are a paradigm of the type of tourism that arrives to the Archipelago. On one hand there is Puerto de la Cruz, located in the north of the island, the par excellence tourist area as it was the pioneering place for welcoming people from other latitudes who were looking for a place of tranquillity, enjoyment and varied landscapes. From the seventies to this very day, Puerto de la Cruz is synonymous with quality, a great cultural choice and its diversity of landscapes, located at the foot of the Teide volcano, it is one of the best places on the island to appreciate the beauty of Tenerife.

Tenerife is, amongst its great qualities, an island of contrasts, and Costa Adeje, in the south, is the other side of a tourism that seeks beauty and tranquillity, that wants aquatic sports, enjoy the sun on unique, black sanded beaches fed by the volcano and stay in large, new and modern hotels where they can enjoy any type of service they want. Costa Adeje, in the municipality of Adeje, has become, over the last few decades, the favourite destination for tourist from all over the world as its choice of leisure and entertainment is so complete and so stimulating that many visitors decide to return year after year, and many of the island’s professionals who welcome them here with their characteristic friendliness and helpfulness, live and work in this fortunate Tenerife spot.

Canary Gastronomy

Canary Island gastronomy combines traditional Spanish cuisine with African and Latin American influences. There are some dishes that have been imported from the Iberian Peninsula, but the real taste of the islands can only be appreciated in the Canary specialities, which consist of a large variety of vegetables, fruits and fresh fish, usually light meals that are easy to digest in warm climates.

Papas arrugadas, small jacket potatoes, are typical on the islands. These are eaten along with Canary “mojos” (dip-sauce) and there two types that are both made with olive oil: mojo picón, which is red and made with paprika, and green mojo, which usually accompanies fish dishes. The exquisite cheeses made of goat’s milk with a variety of flavours are highly recommended.If you like fish, then you have found your paradise on the Canary Islands. The most typical recipes are caldereta, a sort of fish soup, and sancocho canario, the most popular dish in the archipelago, which consists of salted fish with a potato and yam stew served with “gofio”, roasted maize meal, and mojo.

The most asked for dessert is called bienmesabe, a blend of honey, almond cream, eggs and rum. In addition to all of these things, you will also find a large selection of tropical fruits like mango, papaya and avocado.