Paradise on earth exists and can be found in the Canary Island archipelago! Far from being only beach, sand and sun, Tenerife has much more to surprise you and to delight all your senses.

At GF Hoteles, we have surely chosen the perfect place to establish our company, as Tenerife is endowed with amazing privileges of nature. We want to be part of this wonder of the Atlantic, where the cultural and gastronomic treasures mean all who visit will fall in love with the island.

The local people welcome with open arms all visitors who come to live the best experiences and enjoy the wide variety of options that the island has to offer, to create incredible and unique holidays.

Nature has carefully sketched beautiful landscapes and endowed them with diverse microclimates ideal for all tastes. North or South, wherever you are in Tenerife, you’ll find beaches, sun, fine golden sand, black volcanic sand, the spectacular Teide volcano, mountains, snow, fauna, flora … everything you can imagine will be surpassed by what you’ll see here.

Teide National Park will surprise you with its imposing rocky structure, Las Canadas, adorned with a sea of clouds and the peak crowned in some Winter months by snow.

The aroma of the lush pine forests adorns the surrounding landscape, giving way to the most beautiful typical villages of the island.  Stroll the coastal tourist areas to see the attractive beaches which hide in their waters one of the most impressive sea beds in the world.

Culture is another strong point of Tenerife; indeed, you will fall in love with the smiles of the people when they dance and sing in the colourful pilgrimage processions. See them wearing their finest garments or their typical costumes in the local village festivals, where everybody is greeted cheerfully and can join in with the fun.  Not to be missed is the carnival, the biggest celebration on the island which, unsurprisingly, is recognised among the best in the world.

Canarian Gastronomy

If your holiday destination is Tenerife and you like good food, then congratulations are in order. This is a perfect destination for sampling some truly exquisite dishes whilst enjoying unique moments. Eating in Tenerife is a wonderful experience!

The atmosphere of a local guachinche restaurant is very warm and welcoming. Here, you can taste the most delicious house wines, papas arrugadas with mojo (wrinkled potatoes with spicy pepper sauce), escaldón de gofio (toasted corn stew), fresh fish, goat´s meat, rabbit, typical desserts and much more.

In the restaurants of GF Hoteles, we have culinary experts in typical Canary Island cuisine so that you can enjoy the best of Tenerife in the comfort of our distinguished facilities.