Restaurants And Bars

Gastronomic Offer Varied and of First Quality

The GF ISABEL **** is a resort designed for the greater comfort of the families, couples or groups of friends that visit it, and an essential part of holiday success in this establishment is its gastronomic quality and variety.

Speaking about gastronomy at the GF ISABEL **** means talking about fresh, natural and top brand products so that at every breakfast, lunch and dinner the guest enjoys the best cuisine, has the widest variety for every meal, no matter how many days they stay, and for all tastes and ages.

The cuisine at the GF ISABEL **** has become the hallmark of this “Canary village”, carefully prepared cuisine, to the utmost detail, with the highest quality in dishes as well as in the professionals who serve you, who are at your service to offer you everything you need and to make you feel like “one of the family”.

Plaza Canaria Buffet Restaurant

You will find a spacious hall with a high seating capacity, and you can choose to sit wherever you feel most comfortable. The decor is rustic in style, with large lamps and typical wooden balconies. Outside, you will find Plaza Canaria, an open terrace where you can enjoy breakfast, taking advantage of the first rays of sunlight.

The varied selection of dishes will amaze you and you will not know where to start as everything looks and tastes delicious! There are fresh and varied products, of the best brands and all carefully prepared by our culinary professionals.

If you are vegan, vegetarian, allergic, coeliac or have any other special requirement, please advise us at time of booking and let our reception staff know on arrival. Our staff will be happy to recommend the most suitable dishes for you.

Adapted for vegetarians, vegans and celiac

Opening Hours

Breakfast: 8:00  – 10:30
Lunch: 13:00  – 3:00
Dinner: 18:00 – 21:00  (winter) or 18:30  – 21:30  (summer)

Pool Bar

Imagine that you are having fun swimming in the pool with your children and the little ones suddenly tell you that they are hungry or thirsty. You don´t need to go to your room, just check out the options available in our pool bar.

If you book our All Inclusive option, choose from the special buffet offering a selection of meats, cheeses, breads, salads, desserts.. and much more.

 At GF Isabel everything is delicious and it is very difficult to resist temptation.


There is nothing like the freshness and the taste of natural juices.  That’s why in GF Isabel we offer our juice bar. Fresh juices squeezed in the moment so that you can enjoy the best of nature.

Enjoy your drink whilst lying lounging on a sunbed by the family pool, soaking up the sun, feeling a gentle breeze, and taking advantage of the perfect climate of South Tenerife.

Lounge Bar

An excellent option for the evening; to stop by our Lounge Bar for a coffee or your favourite drink. You will enjoy the spacious but cosy area with its attractive decor.

Open from 6 p.m. to midnight, this bar is perfect for a tranquil night of relaxation.

Besides your drink, you can enjoy the shows which we have created for the guests of all ages.

Tasca Bar

Do you want to spend a pleasant time outdoors whilst enjoying a refreshing drink?  The large terrace of the Tasca Bar, located in the Plaza Canaria, is the perfect spot during those warm evenings.

The Plaza Canaria is named for its unique decor and its location within the hotel’s little village. Guests gather here in the evenings to enjoy the entertainment.

Tacoronte Bar

Exquisitely decorated with latticework, and typical of Canary Island architecture.

With attractive and comfortable furniture, you can relax with your drink or sit quietly and connect your computer or your devices.

It is located at the end of our reception area, where you will have free Wi-Fi access.

Its prime location will also allow you to enjoy the shows given in the Plaza Canaria.