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12 of June, 2020

82% of guests surveyed by GF Hotels trust the chain’s safety under the new reality of COVID-19

By 12 of June, 2020March 17th, 2022GF HOTELES, OUR HOTELS
GF Hoteles - We protect you protec us
  • The Canary Islands-based hotel group presents We protect you protect us, a guide to its safety protocols that answers the questions raised by its guests
  • The chain, owned by Grupo Fedola, has announced the re-opening of the hotels GF Isabel, GF Victoria and GF Fañabé in July

The guests of GF Hotels have complete confidence in the measures adopted at its properties. This is one of the main conclusions of a survey conducted by the hotel chain of 5,339 potential guests, in full confinement, from different countries. 82% of those surveyed believe that the protective measures designed by the government and the hospitality sector itself will be sufficient to create a safe environment in hotel establishments.

Guests express moderate concern about how COVID-19 could affect their future hotel experience. Under the name 5 minutes about our future together, the chain owned by Grupo Fedola launched this consultation conducted between 18 May and 1 June.

The chairman of Grupo Fedola, Victoria López, highlights the efforts made by GF Hotels to cope with the changed scenario caused by coronavirus. By surveying the guests, he said, “We intend to reduce their real doubts and concerns. We believe we have an innovative approach, because this listening process helps us move ahead. We invite you to participate in the next few weeks with solutions that you can provide to us to facilitate the re-opening of most of our hotels.” López adds that the survey was since extended to the 1,200 group employees “to provide solutions to improve their working experience and create confidence at the time of their return to work.”

Training and specific protocols

Another key conclusion of the survey is the responsibility that it gives hotel staff to resolve doubts that arise due to the measures adopted by the establishments. In their survey responses, they asked for appropriate training of employees and at the same time they asked for specific safety and hygiene protocols for the chain.

The operation director of GF Hotels, Juan Carlos de León, confirmed that a wide training programme for the entire workforce is already under way. In addition, a guide to the general measures called We protect you protect usSecurity protocol COVID-19 has been created, which uses the protocol of the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality (ICTE) as a reference. “With this guide, we reinforce our commitment to the new reality and show our strong bonds with our guests, employees and society,” says de León. This guide is open to new industry-wide regulations and, in parallel, the chain will give attention to specific details so that it is able to offer a hotel experience as similar as possible to what guests had before the pandemic.

Opening the hotels

Surveys and protocols are the tools that GF Hotels is using to ensure that its hotels can be re-opened with full guarantees. Three hotels have an opening date in July; first, GF Isabel will open its doors on 1 July, while GF Victoria on 8 July and GF Fañabé on 15 July. This is a strategic decision based on an increasingly optimistic scenario. For Victoria López, the reservation data of the properties “encourages us to resume our activities and we believe there is a valid scenario, from a health viewpoint, to complete what is left of the summer season so that we’re strongly prepared for the winter season”.

The chairman of GF Hotels hopes to contribute to boosting confidence by opening the chain’s hotels and other establishments in the Canary Islands. “I hope we can all get back to work; business people, the authorities and society, so that the islands’ biggest industry can start running again while minimising the risk of the spread of COVID-19. For our part, we’re already prepared to work together to achieve that goal,” adds López.

The opening of GF Gran Costa Adeje has been postponed until December after the refurbishment work on part of its facilities has been completed. The GF Noelia Hotel in Puerto de la Cruz is scheduled to re-open in September.

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