GF Gran Costa Adeje is distinguished for instilling the importance of tourism to the little ones

  • CIT Sur Tenerife recognizes the hotel establishment in the Scholastic Campaign: ‘Tourism and Friendliness, Your Future 2019’

GF Gran Costa Adeje receives recognition for its participation in the XX Scholastic Campaign: ‘Tourism and Friendliness, Your Future 2019’ organized by the Centre for Initiatives and Tourism of the Southern Region of Tenerife. Judit Dávila, Deputy Manager of the hotel establishment, collected this award during the closing event which was held at the Costa Adeje Tourist Development Centre.

This initiative, which included the participation of more than 6,000 students, focuses on making young people aware of the importance of tourism, as well as teaching them about the different areas of work offered in the sector, the amount of work demanded, and the specific training required. In this sense, the students who visited GF Gran Costa Adeje saw first hand the structure of the chain and what are its main functions and objectives. During the presentation, they had a brief exposition about the importance of applying the three R’s (reduce, reuse and recycle).

The School Campaign: ‘Tourism and Friendliness, Your Future 2019’ is an activity that began in 1999 and has been reinforced every year by the variety of activities and the high number of participants.