GF Hoteles is a Grupo FEDOLA company, a Tenerife SME with one hundred per cent Canary capital founded by Mr Fernando López Arvelo, who has dedicated all of his determination and resolve to making an organisation based on work well done, on the value of people and on the certainty that good results come from good decisions. Mr Fernando López Arvelo started working when he was twelve years old and, many years later, created, along with his wife, Mrs Candelaria Fuentes Dorta, Grupo FEDOLA, one the most highly regarded Tenerife business organisations.

All of our hotels enjoy the privilege of being located in Tenerife, three of them in the south-west of the Island, in Costa Adeje, a first-class holiday-making setting; and a fourth hotel in Puerto de la Cruz, the par excellence tourist area in the north of the Island.

GF Hoteles has a long track-record in the hotel sector as we started out back in 1971 and, since then, we haven’t stopped growing and improving day after day. Our work philosophy is based, in brief, on two vital principles: you make our work and our professional endeavours worthwhile; and we know that luxury is attention to detail, which we uphold to the utmost and earnestly.

And to make our principles stand true, we have a great team of professionals, as a company is only as valuable as the people it has.

Company Culture: Mission, Vision and Values.


To offer a magnificent service in our establishments in order to achieve guest satisfaction, so that they can enjoy themselves in a family and friendly environment and offer them the best tourist services.

Teamwork, with friendly, responsible and committed people, to whom we offer permanent training and we take care of their personal and professional development.

To create wealth through our efforts and dedication.

To continue being an important Canary business group, open, family-based, concerned about our people and identifying with the needs of our environment.


We want to be at the vanguard of the hotel sector and be recognised through our “brand”, which is the creation of value and wealth in the society in which we work.

Keeping a positive and generous attitude towards the people that form part of the company is what unquestionably differentiates us in reaching our service excellence.


  • Credibility
  • Self-discipline
  • Responsibility
  • Teamwork
  • Commitment capacity
  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Justice
  • Humility
  • Open communication


We have the proven capacity for ground-breaking innovation and we have a solid reputation, as we form part of a Canary Island family group with international scope.

We have a very high degree of commitment and identification with our collaborators, and we have a very high loyalty rate amongst our guests and users thanks, mainly, to the use of digital marketing tools.